Proactive Recovery Assurance

Predatar automates recovery testing and deep malware scanning, giving you complete confidence in your ability to quickly, cleanly, and completely recover business-critical data in the event of a cyber-attack.

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Why Predatar

Many companies risk uncertainty about their data’s recoverability. Predatar’s state-of-the-art Recovery Assurance software eliminates this uncertainty, ensuring operational resilience and continuity in the face of inevitable security breaches.

How Predatar Works

AI-powered threat detection:

Using AI technology, our system spots and analyzes potential cyber threats to keep your digital assets safe.

Automated recovery testing:

Ensure your data’s resilience with automated recovery testing, effortlessly confirming the smooth restoration of vital business information in the event of a cyber-attack.

Deep malware scanning:

Our advanced scanning technology thoroughly checks your system for malware, catching even the trickiest threats to boost your resiliency.

Malware cleaning:

Our CleanRoom technology helps remove threats from your backups, ensuring that your data is free of malware if ever you need to recover it.

Resiliency in action

See how Predatar is helping one of the UK’s largest utilities providers meet regulations and ensure vital services are always available.

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