Start Evolving.

Start Evolving

If you’ve dreamt of building and growing a profitable, sustainable managed service business, then Predatar can help make it a reality.

We offer value-added resellers the opportunity to establish new revenue streams with their own-branded data protection offerings; converting transactional buyers into loyal, engaged customers.


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Predatar has given our business a new direction and new sources of revenue, which makes the future very exciting.

Build new channels of predictable, sustainable revenue, without any new investment in headcount, or skills.

Case Study

Alina Mot CTO


different feel
different feel
different feel
different feel

We were a resale company and now we’re a tech company, with a very different feel for who and what we are.

Get the inside track for unlocking hidden services opportunities and become a high-value managed service provider.

Case Study

Lief Morin President + CEO


Launch new products Launch new products

Predatar has allowed us to launch new products, improve customer relationships and increase our revenues.

Support hundreds of clients with a single technician. Proactively fix customer issues, without ever visiting a customer site.

Case Study

Rob Connary President + COO

ITS, Inc.

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Evolution won't happen without a roadmap.

Looking for predictable, recurring revenue? Deeper engagement with clients? Higher profit margins?

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