Who are we?

We are a platform-led business working intelligently with IBM Storage Protect, on a mission to evolve your data resiliency through intuitive automation. Our patented SaaS solution is built to help you take control of your data and make the most out of your Storage Protect investment. With our suite of subscription services, designed to help you automate and orchestrate your backup and recovery processes, you can have complete confidence in the recoverability and resiliency of your backups.

We have one simple mission.

We know that your data ecosystems are critical and complex. With endlessly evolving workloads and increasingly intelligent ways to boost your data resilience, the landscape is expanding; and it’s expanding fast.

Taking control of your data today, and far into the future.

We’re here to help you rise to the challenge and stay ahead of the game. Do you have data that’s vulnerable, or simply neglected and therefore powerless against ransomware? You might not know. The Predatar platform and our diligent team of experts will help you identify these vulnerabilities and defend your critical Storage Protect data, giving you total control.

It doesn’t have to be complicated.

We don’t think that having total control of your data needs to be time consuming and complex for your team. Predatar tackles complexity with simplicity. We’ve built accessible software that can backup, recover and safeguard your data. All in one, straightforward, hassle-free interface with specialist support on hand.

It’s time to guarantee all-round data resiliency.

From gaining total visibility of all your systems, to optimising backup management with insights and intelligent automation, Predatar fully equips you to modernise your backup and recovery processes and ensure that your data is resilient and recoverable.

Predatar gives you the power to protect your data like never before.

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