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Keeping the lights on

In normal times, “keeping the lights on” can be a derogatory term. Today, it’s an aspiration for many companies in sectors hit hardest by the current crisis.

SANs Containers, Containers without SANs

An old storage technology gets a reboot. The modern storage network to enable the vision of multi-cloud portability and help you be a data protection Super Hero.

The Rise of the Infrastructure Superhero

Have you noticed that many blogs start with a nice, juicy statistic? Something that draws attention and gets readers engaged. Well, this blog is taking that to another level and will give you not one, but three great statistics!

Modernising data protection environments

As organisations transform to cloud and modernise their data protection environments, it’s very easy to overlook an obvious point about the workload that gets left behind. How will that workload continue to be protected and whose responsibility is it to manage?

The Unsung Superhero

We know you’re the superhero that ensures your businesses data are protected and can be restored at any point. And we understand that overcoming threats to your data in the future will require a different approach. It’s time to think and time to plan…