At your service

At Predatar, our customers come before all else. Simplifying your backup and recovery processes and giving you the control to run your organisations smoothly is something that we really pride ourselves on. That’s why we’ve decided to launch a three-part spotlight feature on customer service at Predatar.

This spotlight feature will delve into the ins and outs of what customer service means to us and why it’s so important to have it at the core of our platform. So, who better to start with than our shiny, brand-new customer success officer, Andy!

We interviewed Andy to get some top insights on customer service excellence, and you guessed it, to be a little bit nosy.

How long have you worked in customer service, Andy?
Oh… good question! *Long Pause* About 25 years… *Hearty chuckle*.

Wow. What made you choose Predatar this time round, with all of that experience behind you?
I thought it was a really exciting opportunity. The role is not only brand new to the company, but they have this real desire to grow and to add value to what they’re doing. Especially in terms of remaining customer-focused – I wanted to help them accelerate that plan.

It sounds like it’s a role that holds a lot of opportunity. What do you enjoy about being in a customer focused role?
I’ve always had a passion for helping people out, from early on in my career. Whatever role I’ve worked in, I’ve always been focused on supporting other people, be that customers or my colleagues. I’m able to build relationships really effectively and engage with the right people to deliver to expectations. That’s what it’s all about really, building relationships and not only reaching those expectations but exceeding them. Of course, it’s not just with customers. Building relationships internally really serves to indicate whether you’re the right fit for the companies’ culture. But then you need to understand the culture of the customer too, as much as you integrate yourself into the company culture. Like, what are their values? What are their behaviours?

Absolutely. I imagine that customer culture can vary quite a lot. In terms of the tech industry and data backup and recovery, what’s the difference there in the customer’s experience?
Well, it’s not like going into a supermarket! The experience isn’t over quickly, it covers an entire lifecycle. It’s ultimately building a relationship from scratch, building trust over an extended period and consistently, too! A customer should always feel the culture of the organisation from the first touch point. It’s important to be responsive and get those basics right, because those things can be so easily overlooked. It’s all about building partnerships and creating a space for trustworthy engagement.

Predatar is all about simplicity and control when it comes to the customer, how does your role fit into this?
Simplicity basically means that everything we do should be easy for customers to understand. A lot of what Predatar provides is a highly technical service, and although my role isn’t technical, the guys here are so good at simplifying things. As for control, it’s about creating that balance between giving the customer the control they need whilst ultimately being there to support and maintain that control.

Finally, Andy, what does being a data protection superhero mean to you?
Haha, well, the character I’ve been given is ‘Mr Fantastic’. I think this is such a clever approach in articulating how seriously we take what we do but in a really fun, streamlined way. It’s about giving the customer the absolute confidence to know that they’re in safe hands.

So, there we have it. An interview with Predatar’s very own Mr Fantastic, data protection superhero at your (customer) service!