Find, interrogate and eliminate cyber threats in your backups.

Built for enterprise security and infrastructure teams, Predatar Cyber Recovery Orchestration continually finds and removes recovery risks to give you complete confidence in your ability to recover quickly, cleanly and completely.

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Find threat signals in the noise of your busy environment.

Created to find the hidden signs of danger in your backups, Predatar Signal is the powerful machine learning engine that sits under the hood of Predatar.

By monitoring multiple inputs, Predatar Signal identifies the workloads at the highest risk and triggers the right response.

Focus on real anomalies,
not the false ones.

Predatar’s backup anomaly detection – powered by Predatar Signal – is completely unique.

Because it’s supercharged with intelligence from integrated EDR tools and metadata from a live network of users around the world, Predatar learns which threats pose the greatest risk.

The result – fewer false positives. More effective threat identification.

Remove dormant ransomware deep in your backups.

Predatar’s out-of-the-box integration with best-in-class EndPoint Detection and Response (EDR) tools means you can find and eliminate ransomware in your backups before it’s activated.

Make ‘always-on’ recovery testing a reality.

The only way to be sure your backups will recover is to test them. Predatar removes the time and complexity of recovery testing to achieve continuous ‘always-on’ recovery validation that wouldn’t be possible without automation.

Where the magic happens.

Cyber recovery is high-risk and compute intensive. That’s why we’ve created the Predatar CleanRoomTM

Purpose built environment

Secure & isolated

More than hardware

In the cloud or on premises

Blueprints available

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Customise your response.

Not all threats are created equal. Predatar’s workflow customisation means you can choose exactly how threats are dealt with based on the alert type and threat level.

Stay on top of your recovery risks.

Every Predatar subscription includes the Predatar Cyber Analytics Module.

By monitoring the status of 26 data points across every backup node, Predatar calculates a live A+ to F grade of your recoverability based on cyber resiliency best-practices – helping you understand your cyber status at any moment in time.

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