“Data is the new oil” – is this really understood?

“Data is the new oil” is a terminology being shouted from the rooftops, but is it really understood?

There you are, ensuring data is backed up and recoverable, but does the business still just see the activity as a cost centre and not a benefit?

Today’s data is the new oil if treated as such, organisations have amazing data stored and backed up but only look for it in the case of data loss. Imagine if you could use the data that is sitting there, using Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies data can be mined for information, insights and trends.

Let’s also look at making the data protection part of the business shine, a place where the company oil is stored, a place seen as strategic investment. Our world no longer needs to be a place of three-year capital investment out lays, based on roughly predicted data growth, with under used investment lying dormant for a significant amount of time or worse still capacity running out too soon, initiating unexpected and unwelcome additional budget requests to the board.

Imagine a world where you pay for what you use, a world where each business department pays for the IT services they consume on a monthly, weekly or even daily basis? Suddenly the IT department becomes a business centre generating its own income and operating in a lean and efficient manner.

We wouldn’t think of buying CDs anymore, why should we buy IT infrastructure, software and even hardware when it can be consumed in a pay as you go model, on site or in the cloud? So go for it, become a data protection superhero and turn your data protection cost on their head, become an income generator, not a cost centre.

Now you are a centre of excellence for data protection let’s push for even more value, we all hear the word DevOps banded around, now you are right in the middle of this exciting and dynamic world, by spinning up a sandbox environment from the backups you have an environment that can be used for development and testing on current data in a safe and secure environment, away from main business operations. Work complete, erase and move on, more value added for the business.

Lastly in your assent to a data protection superhero, take this data, spin up your sandbox environment and deploy AI to mine the data, looking for trends, insights and intelligence, this data is the super oil giving the business invaluable data on which to plan and grow with the ability to target markets, clients and costs with laser accuracy!

Congratulations, you are not only a data protection superhero, you are a business superhero.


By Andy Loydell,
Global Partner Sales Manager
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