Strengthen your data backup for the digital transformation journey.

Businesses face a constant challenge maintaining secure and reliable backups, as their data continuously grows. You can stay one step ahead by adding Predatar into your existing tech stack. Transform your current IBM Storage Protect backup solution, and prepare your business for the journey ahead.

Protect your data as your business transforms.

You may already rely on cloud-based data storage, and your digital transformation route could be taking you in the direction of a scalable container solution. Or you might have data stored in on-site servers and tapes, and now need a future-proofed home.

Wherever you are in your digital transformation, migrating and storing data will be more secure if you’re in total control of your data at every stage.

Prepare the groundwork for a smooth transition.

The Predatar platform helps you manage your Storage Protect backups more efficiently and effectively. With total visibility across your entire data estate, you can see at-a-glance if anything looks out of place, helping you lay solid foundations for the transformation ahead.

With a single dashboard view covering all your backup volumes, you can rationalise your storage by pre-deduping before migrating to save storage costs. You’ll also be able to automate critical processes and detect threats or attacks faster.

When incidents do occur, data is recovered quickly with our 100% restore guarantee so your digital transformation can progress unimpeded.

Future-proof your backup and your business.

Using our subscription-based software will help build crucial cyber resilience and maximise the performance of your backup estate, ready for whatever comes next. It’ll also help to improve cashflow as you can spread the cost of your investment by switching from a Capex to an Opex pricing model.

What’s more, our platform supports Red Hat OpenShift’s distribution of Kubernetes containerisation technology so you know your backups will be ready when the time comes to migrate to the latest storage solution.

Take your digital transformation in the right direction.

Wherever you store data, the Predatar platform enables you to review and monitor it all in a single easy-to-use dashboard. The platform’s powerful simplicity and built-in workflows automate routine tasks and make backups easy to manage.

We're constantly innovating to keep ahead of emerging new data storage technologies, so the path along your digital transformation journey will always be smooth with Predatar.