Modernise your data backup and recovery with intelligent features.

The Predatar platform helps you revitalise your backup environment so you can take control of your data. Get greater visibility of your backup environment, simplify your processes and free up your specialists’ time so they can tackle more complex issues.

Dig into the detail of your data.

Gain more space in your schedule to concentrate on thornier issues, by reducing the time spent searching for key metrics. Predatar’s user-friendly web portal shows you the top-line figures in a personalised dashboard and allows you to easily export detailed reports to drill down into the data. Predatar Analytics reports on every element of your data, giving you greater visibility to make confident and informed decisions. And with analytics covering the entire history of your backups, you’re able to spot trends and identify anomalies in a flash.

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Automate, and share the workload with intelligent robots.

Save up to 62% of your team’s time by automating both repetitive and complex tasks, and have the results sent straight to the relevant teams. The labour-intensive task of recovery testing becomes much more manageable thanks to our patented recovery orchestration technology. Recovery candidates are selected at random and tested continuously, so your backups are always usable for recoveries (and we offer a 100% restore guarantee to prove it).

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Pick a plan to match your needs.

Managing your data doesn’t need to be a financial strain. We have four subscription plans to choose from, all of which help you stay in control of your backups, and your outgoings. There are no upfront costs and you only pay for the TBs you use. We can recommend the right solution for you, and if you ever want to switch plans, you can.

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Begin with the basics.

If you’re not sure how your business will benefit from all of Predatar’s features, simply get started with our free Insights plan. Give your whole team access to our user-friendly dashboard and see what data trends you can spot from the last 30 days of backups.

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