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Discover the perks of Predatar.

The Predatar platform boasts many advanced features that will help you take control of your data. Get greater visibility of your backup environment, simplify your processes and free up your specialists’ time so they can tackle more complex issues.

Dig into the detail of your data.

Gain total visibility of your backup environment. Get insightful reports and be prepared to face any data challenge with Predatar Analytics.

Share the workload with intelligent robots.

Automate routine tasks and minimise vulnerabilities within your backup environment thanks to Predatar’s patented recovery orchestration technology.

Balance your budget across the year.

Investing in data protection is a flexible commitment with Predatar. We offer a subscription model where you only pay for the TBs you use. Plus, you’re free to switch plans if your needs change.

Begin with the basics.

If you’re not sure how your business will benefit from all of Predatar’s features, simply get started with our free Insights plan. Give your whole team access to our user-friendly dashboard and see what data trends you can spot from the last 30 days of backups.

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