How to build a winning team with Predatar 11?

This week sees the release of the all new Predatar 11. Built from the ground up to offer more vendor choice and faster deployment of managed services.

The number 11 has special significance. In July 1969 it was the number of the first manned spacecraft to land on the moon, Apollo 11. Arguably one of the most successful teams of all time.

Sports fans follow teams in Soccer, American Football, Hockey and the world’s greatest sport, Cricket, which are all made up of 11 individuals.

With the new Predatar 11 software and transformation services we can turn your business up to 11. This software release is not just about doing more with smart software, it’s also about the team. You may not have eleven in your team yet, but we can help with team building, huddle strategy and service execution, to really leverage your efforts.

To successfully scale, a provider of cloud managed services must create an organisational structure which fosters teaming and collaboration, more so than a traditional value-added reseller. It’s our belief that this lies at the core of why 90% of VARs fail to grab their slice of the $282 billion MSP market.

Regular readers of the Predatar blog recognise our position that success depends on so much more than technology. A successful journey to MSP requires a route map and an experienced guide but having the right kit, or toolbox, is important too. The latest Predatar software toolbox will help to underpin your evolution from VAR to MSP. It’s the MSP operation system around which you can build your team.

Who do you need on your team to be successful and how does Predatar 11 support each person?

Finance Director

A critical role for any business moving from transaction to subscription-based revenues. For the finance team to be your most valued player, they need to be equipped with the tools to accurately monitor the use of labour, assets and subscriptions, on demand to create frequent invoices for pay-per-use clients. Predatar 11 provides the necessary information via the web, or with API access into ERP systems.

Sales Director

As sales directors morph into chief revenue officers, the landscape is shifting to “land and expand” sales models. How do you continue to delight and retain your customers as you grow? For sales people, better customer insights can be the difference between winning and retaining customers, or losing clients. Predatar 11 has even more data points to give sales leaders the customer transparency they crave.

Operations Director

Attracting and retaining the skilled people you need as you scale your business is a top concern for many MSPs. Predatar 11 includes a new wizard feature to make on-boarding of new customers easier and faster. Not only does this mean your finance team are never losing valuable revenue but your service delivery team can focus on customer issues.  We have also expanded the automation for provisioning and decommissioning of virtual machines into backup schedules.

Technical Director

Heads of technology at our MSP partners have demanded greater choice. They are responsible for clearly defining service offerings to make it easy for salespeople to promote. Get this stage wrong and you simply won’t be able to scale your MSP business. We’ve been listening, which is why Predatar 11 now includes support for multiple data protection technology vendors. The new release allows MSPs to create customised service catalogues based on more than one backup software vendor.

Not all data is created equal and some systems demand a higher level of recovery. Aggressive Recovery Time and Recovery Point objectives will be required for business critical or mission critical systems. With Predatar 11, MSPs can design and build tiered service offerings around recovery, from data replication to snapshots to traditional backup. Improvements to the patented Recovery Orchestration feature make it even easier to verify backup jobs, thereby helping to cement customer confidence in your service.

Marketing Director

The hot trend in B2B marketing today is Account Based Marketing (ABM). An iteration of one-to-one bespoke marketing, ABM requires timely and accurate data on each customer to be effective. Broadcast or mass marketing campaigns are out, focused account specific campaigns are in. Predatar 11 can be deployed in minutes but keeps trend data for years. Customer Success teams and Renewals specialists, whether reporting to sales directors or marketing directors, will greatly appreciate the customer insights available in Predatar 11.

Every winning team has not only a great culture but also a proven system. For the MSP wanting to scale its data protection service business, Predatar 11 is a critical addition to any team.

Predatar 11 is available now. For more information please get in touch at