Podcast: the Dog’s not Buying the Food

Branding, positioning and building long-term competitive advantage as an MSP

How do you build long term competitive advantage when products and features can be so easily copied?

This podcast episode looks at how to position your company for long-term success. As value-added resellers in the channel evolve to become cloud service providers, they can no longer stand on the shoulders of IT giants. Brand building and marketing become part of the strategy to be considered by any channel CEO.

The services you build become the torch bearers for your brand, helping you to avoid margin erosion from commoditisation and copycat resellers.

In this era, the service you provide is a reflection of your brand and culture. It’s what makes you distinctive and unique.

Whether you are first or late to market, you must take control of your position in a market segment by having a point of view, or a belief about what’s right and wrong. If you don’t, someone else, your prospects or competitors, will position your business for you.

In this episode Al Mackenzie, the CEO of Predatar, is joined by Mark Sampson of Beliyf to discuss branding and positioning for IT Channel companies.

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