The Rise of the Infrastructure Superhero

Have you noticed that many blogs start with a nice, juicy statistic? Something that draws attention and gets readers engaged. Well, this blog is taking that to another level and will give you not one, but three great statistics!

1. There are over 150 million virtual machines in existence.

Just take a minute to think about that. The move from physical servers to virtual machines has been huge and has happened quickly. But it is now starting to slow down. A key reason for this is the invention of Containers.

2. There will be over 1 billion containers by 2023.

Containers are the new kid on the block, and businesses are starting to figure out how containers can help them become more agile and competitive. Key drivers behind this are the fact that containers are so much more portable, scalable and quick to deploy than traditional virtual machines. If businesses can get this right, it will allow them to be more reactive to customers, market trends and competitors.

3. There are over 25 million developers worldwide.

Software and data are fundamental to the majority of businesses and because of this, Developers have become the rock stars of many organisations. They are seen as the people that can give a business that competitive edge and the agility needed to thrive. But this is only one part of the picture. With businesses pushing Developers for more speed and agility, the landscape of the Data Protection & Storage administrators needs to change. Developers now want new environments in minutes, not days. Gone are times when a developer would ask for a new environment and then be content to wait for several days while it is provisioned. Now, they will use their own credit card and spin up their own environment in a third party cloud so they can get working. The impacts of this are huge as your IT, Data and Costs are out of your control. Welcome to the world of Shadow IT.

Bringing the Infrastructure Superhero out of the shadows.

Data Protection and Storage administrators are the unsung heroes of any business. It is these teams that are the last line of defence against ransomware while ensuring your data is protected and can be retrieved at any point, for any purpose. In today’s modern agile world, unfortunately this is not seen as enough. So how can these superheroes meet these new demands?

The answer is automation. Modern platforms allows for a higher degree of automation than ever before. Imagine if with the click of a button, a Data Protection and Storage administrator could provision space in an environment, create a new container, add this to the backup schedule and even restore the data from a live system into this ready for a developer to begin playing with. Now that would be a super power, wouldn’t it?

Written by Rick Norgate, Managing Director
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