Red Fox
has evolved.

Just a few weeks since Predatar’s capabilities leapt forward with the R12 Red Fox release, and now R12.1 is here with some big enhancements both ‘under the hood’ and in the GUI. The result? More intelligence, more insight, and more protection across more workloads.

Here’s just some of the best new features:

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Powerful Indexing

Complex data structures make day-to-day tasks difficult for infrastructure teams and Predatar’s development team alike. That’s why we’ve built a new indexing system from the ground up.

R12.1 unifies underlying Spectrum Protect and Spectrum Protect Plus file metadata into a single, highly-scalable, hyper-available index – giving users unprecedented visibility of their entire IBM backup estate in one place, including databases, file servers, virtual machines and more.

The new index will unlock some of Predatar’s most powerful cyber resiliency features for use across the extended workloads too. Stay tuned for more on this in next month’s R12.2 release.

Faster infection searching

If you experience a suspected cyber-attack, every second counts. The first benefit of Predatar’s new indexing system is a dramatic increase in the speed of running a search for known infections across your entire IBM backup estate.

Because Predatar’s file index now lives within the platform itself, there is no need to call external databases - the result – searches are completed, with results returned 5x faster than before, meaning you can get on top of the situation 5x faster.

Crowd Sourced
Anomaly Detection

It’s a simple fact that when it comes to machine learning – more data is better. Predatar’s enhanced anomaly detection draws on metadata from a live network of users around the world, to provide real-time protection from cyber threats as they are found.

Predatar can detect an attack in New York, learn from its unique threat signals, and instantly get smarter to protect a business in London from a similar attack.

Since Predatar already monitors the metadata associated with 100s of petabytes of backup data, it’s always learning and always ready to help you fight back.

Enhanced Signal™ Analytics

With signals of suspicious activity being received from multiple sources including backup behaviour monitoring, SIEM platforms, Crowd Sourced Anomaly Detection and more – we’ve enhanced Predatar’s Cyber Analytics to help users understand their signals.

The enhanced analytics makes it easy for users to see the source, severity, and the overall threat-level of each and every signal.

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Red Fox 12.1

Great news – If you’re an existing Predatar Cyber Recovery Orchestration subscriber, Red Fox 12.1 is already available to you for free. Log in to Predatar to get started.

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