Predatar joins the pack – An interview with IBM’s Matt Fordham

On 28th June 2022, IBM announced that Predatar Cyber Recovery Orchestration is now part of the IBM Storage Software Portfolio. We invited Matt Fordham, technical storage pre-sales lead for IBM in to Predatar HQ to explain why he’s excited about Predatar joining the IBM pack.

Predatar: Good morning Matt, Thanks for joining us today, So you’ve been working with our team for quite some time. Can you explain the relationship between IBM & Predatar?

Matt: Thanks to our culture of innovation and our commitment to R&D, IBM consistently deliver class-leading enterprise storage technology, but it’s really through our Partner EcoSystem that we elevate the impact of our technology and achieve even greater outcomes for our customers.

We’ve been working with the team at Predatar for more than 10 years. It’s been amazing to see the development of the Predatar platform and it’s a natural evolution to bring it into the IBM Storage software portfolio.

Predatar: Why is the addition of Predatar to the IBM Storage Software portfolio significant for IBM?

Matt: When I speak with customers, it’s a different conversation today. It isn’t about storage and infrastructure, it’s about data security, it’s about resiliency. Businesses are re-evaluating the way they store and manage data, and recoverability is the top priority.

Predatar’s cyber recovery orchestration brings new capabilities to IBM that help us answer some of the biggest challenges our enterprise customers are facing today. Predatar will add value in our existing Spectrum Protect accounts and enable us to win more new business too with a better proposition, a better package and better outcomes for our customers.

Predatar: For those that are new to Predatar, can you explain what Predatar is all about in your own words.

Matt: The Predatar cyber recovery orchestration platform works with IBM Spectrum Protect Plus to automate many of the manual processes associated with backup and recovery.

By continually recovering, scanning, and cleaning backup workloads, Predatar gives users the knowledge that they will be able to recover quickly, cleanly and completely when they need to, and dramatically reduces a business’s time to recover in the event of a cyber-attack.

Predatar: How does Predatar complement and enhance IBM’s exiting cyber recovery offering?

Matt: There’s a lot of commonality between Predatar’s capabilities and IBM’s Cyber Vault. In fact, the two solutions complement each other and are particularly powerful when they are used together. With Cyber Vault our customers can achieve near instant recovery of their most time-critical workloads from primary storage, but longer-term retention data is no-less important.

Predatar dramatically decreases time-to-recover data from secondary storage. Together with cyber vault, Predatar gives customers the knowledge they can recover all of their business-critical data quickly, no matter where it is stored. Predatar and IBM are changing the game for businesses looking for simple, effective, and dependable recovery.

Predatar: What do you think is the most exciting/important feature(s) or capability of Predatar?

Matt: To appreciate the power and impact of Predatar you need to see it in action. It’s modern, intuitive interface removes the dependency on highly technical backup admins for data security tasks and empowers almost any user to have a significant positive impact the cyber resiliency of their organisation.


If you would like to take Matt’s advise and see Predatar in action, please contact your IBM Storage rep or get in touch with the Predatar team. We’ll be happy to give you a tour of the platform and answer any questions.