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Discover limitless data resilience possibilities with Predatar R13.1. Explore deep malware scanning for legacy workloads, elevate M365 alerting, and unleash sandbox creativity for cutting-edge experimentation.

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Predatar TimeMachine

Predatar TimeMachine lets users easily scan virtual machines running legacy operating systems or outdated EDR tools, seamlessly bringing them into the CleanRoom for full recovery testing. Predatar then powers down the virtual machine and mounts all the data for an offline scan. This approach ensures compatibility with legacy operating systems, resolves conflicts with older Antivirus tools, and enhances Linux machine support.

M365 Team Integration

Get real-time alerts for failed recovery tests, malware detections, and more. Predatar now integrates with M365 to send instant notifications to your IT and SecOps teams about recoverability or data cleanliness issues. These swift alerts improve response times, boosting your business's cybersecurity resilience.


Introducing the PlayPen, a new feature that offers a safe and controlled environment to explore new features and functions. Seamlessly transition your live environment into a sandbox mode to experiment without affecting your actual setup. After testing key features, simply revert to your live environment with no changes saved. PlayPen is versatile, serving a variety of purposes, including end-user training, experimentation, and rigorous testing. Jump into the PlayPen today!

Elevate your capabilities with R14: Eagle (Coming Q4 2023)

Experience a heightened era of threat detection and response. R14: Eagle will take Predatar's AI anomaly detection to the next level with three advanced machine learning models. Ground-breaking digital RunBook automations will speed up your threat response and ensuring comprehensive system recovery. And the big news… Predatar Recovery assurance now has support for Veeam Backup Contact your Predatar or your storage reseller for more information.

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