Red Fox takes another leap forward.

R12.2 is the second update to Red Fox this year and delivers even more threat intelligence, more clarity, and more control for Predatar users.

Here’s a run-down of some of the new features:

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Continuous index infection scanning

R12.1 introduced powerful new file indexing designed to unify users' Spectrum Protect and Spectrum Protect Plus file metadata into a single, hyper-available, lightening-fast database. Red Fox R12.2 now puts that file index to work.

Predatar automatically scans your file index for all known ransomware types and raises alerts in real-time if signs of ransomware or encryption are found.

Manage your automation queue

Predatar Signal automatically prioritises which nodes will be tested based on criteria including threat level, threat-type, and node group. The new Queue Manager interface lets users quickly see which nodes are ‘up next’ and provides the ability for users to fine tune or override the order.

Moving a specific workload to the top of the queue for automated recovery testing and deep malware scanning is now a simple drag and drop action.

More recovery testing options

As well as defining exactly when, and how often, each of your node groups is automatically recovery tested, now you can select the type of recovery test for each group too. Choose 'instant mount recovery' for fast recovery testing at scale, or full recovery to replicate a real-world recovery and provide maximum recovery confidence.

Threats explained with greater clarity

Predatar ingests vast amounts of metadata and uses complex machine learning neural networking to find anomalies and calculate threat-levels for the workloads in your IBM backup environment. Red Fox R12.2 brings greater clarity for users by providing explanations of anomalies that have been found, and what they mean, in straight-forward natural language.

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