Your backup wasn’t built for cyber recovery

A data breach is coming. But today’s backup and recovery technology wasn’t built for the cyber threats enterprises are facing today.

Built for IBM Storage Defender, IBM FlashSystem & Cohesity environments

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Predatar's recovery orchestration platform has been built to make sure enterprises can answer 3 big questions with confidence. If the worst happens...

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Can you recover quickly?

Can you recover cleanly?

Can you recover completely?

Identify cyber-attacks before they begin

Backup anomaly detection is great. But it only comes into play once a virus has been activated and is already causing damage.

Predatar finds the signals of an impending cyber attack amongst the noise of complex backup environments.

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Don’t just detect ransomware.
Delete it.

While most backup software will help you to detect suspect workloads, only Predatar has best-in-class anti-virus and EDR tools built in. With Predatar you can interrogate and obliterate ransomware with a few clicks.

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Understand your cyber recovery risks

Understanding your backup environment is a critical first step to improving your ability to recover effectively from a data breach. Predatar provides unrivalled visibility into the performance of your backups and includes unique cyber grading capabilities to identify your recoverability risks, and show you how to resolve them.

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More from Predatar

Looking for more than our recovery orchestration platform? Our team of IBM and Red Hat accredited experts have unrivalled Storage Protect expertise and are here to take your resiliency to the next level.

Predatar Solution Design

Our expert consultants will work with your team to design the perfect backup and recovery solution for your business while ensuring you’re maximising your existing IBM investments and technology.

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Predatar Managed Services

Let our dedicated support team take care of your day-to-day backup and recovery tasks – giving you confidence in your recoverability without the headaches.

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Predatar Infrastructure

Need hardware? We’ve got you covered. Built and maintained to ISO and CIS standards, Predatar’s hardened appliances give your resiliency a rock-solid foundation.

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