Podcast: the finance skeptic and the sales king

The inaugural episode of The Predatar Podcast

Re-wiring a business in response to evolving market demands is never going to be an easy feat, even when businesses have the luxury of time and significant cash reserves to draw on.  So, when a business needs to transform at pace because its competition is hot on its heels and it fears missing out, the pressure quickly intensifies.

This is one of the big challenges facing business leaders who are trying to navigate through the rugged terrain of today’s saturated and hyper-competitive IT channel landscape.  Despite best efforts to embark upon this expedition, senior management teams within traditional VAR businesses that are looking to take advantage of the profitable MSP world, are finding it hard to get past first base.

Alistair Mackenzie, CEO of Predatar, discusses with guests Doug Sawers and Mark Sampson, the importance of getting every team member to buy into any channel transformation.