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Why do 90% of VARs fail to grab their slice of the $282 billion MSP market?

Transitioning from VAR to MSP is a big mountain to climb. Cost, headcount and infrastructure barriers are enormous.

And like any epic expedition into unknown territory, you won’t succeed without the right map, the right guide or the right kit.

Predatar helps you easily overcome the barriers by delivering all three.


How does Predatar work?

To help you scale the mountain that is struggling VAR to lucrative MSP we provide three powerful elements: Map, guide and cutting-edge equipment.

Your Map

Your Map: The Predatar Evolution Framework

Like a roadmap, our tried and tested framework helps you to find your way in unfamiliar terrain so you can avoid pitfalls and fast-track your progress at every step.

    • 01 Prepare


    • /a

      Business planning

      Align your vision and pricing models.

    • /b

      Scoping services

      Scope out your service offering.

    • /c

      Naming and positioning

      Differentiate from your competition.

    • 02 Design


    • /a

      Technical architecture

      Engineer the detail of your solution.

    • /b

      Service Level Agreements

      Protect yourself. Protect the customer experience.

    • /c

      Go-to-market strategy

      Avoid the common sales commission pitfalls.

    • 03 Enable


    • /a

      Sales and marketing assets

      Create every asset essential for success.

    • /b

      Enable your environment

      Set-up and configure your environment.

    • /c

      Fill your sales pipeline

      Attract a great team, give them great training.

    • 04 Optimise


    • /a

      Continually improve your service

      Grow by delighting existing customers.

    • /b

      Identify and fix problems fast

      Scale through automation and cognitive services.

    • /c

      Leverage your performance reports

      Spot new revenue & service opportunities.

Your Guide

Your Guide: Leverage our expertise

We’re a channel company, built by the channel. Having been on this journey - and guided others through it - we’re here to help you smoothly transition with our full support.

Learn about our journey

Predatar has helped bridge a gap in our ability to offer our customers a truly value-added data availability as a service.

Grow recurring revenue and remain relevant as the competition falls away.

Case Study

Steve Sigg
President & CEO

SIS, Inc.

Your Weapon

Your Secret Weapon: A ready-made operating system

You can have the right map and the right guide but without the right equipment, you won't last long.

Predatar's real secret weapon is technology that allows you to deliver data protection services at faster speed, greater scale and lower cost.

Our innovative toolset will help you traverse the greatest obstacles to scaling your managed service offering.


Overcome the biggest stumbling blocks to transformation:

Information security breaches

How do you ensure customers can access everything without viewing each other's data?

Predatar helps by allowing multiple end users to log into their own secure and private areas of the portal, anytime and anywhere.

Information security breaches

Missing out on revenue

How do you accurately monitor the use of labour, assets and subscriptions.

We track everything so you’ll always have full oversight, never miss out on renewals, upgrades or make invoicing mistakes.


Productivity bottlenecks

How do you manually manage 200+ customers efficiently and at low cost?

End-to-end automation of everything from onboarding to system checks, ensures you can scale effortlessly.

Productivity bottlenecks

Maintaining customers

How do you continue to delight and retain your customers as you grow?

Active KPI monitoring, service add-ons and complete transparency make it easy to deliver the highest-quality service as you scale.

Maintaining customers

Hiring skilled people

How can you afford to attract, train and retain enough skilled people?

Predatar enables 1 technician to manage 100 customers, making hiring less pressured. Predictive AI helps to avoid issues, and a knowledge base creates continuous learning.

Hiring skilled people
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100x times the results, in one 10th the time?

Our unique blend of process, technology and counsel is designed to take you on the fastest route to scalable profits.

We’re here to remove the barriers to entry and even the odds for businesses with high-growth ambitions.

If this is you, we’d be honoured to be your guide.

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