Protect your data against ransomware attacks.

Improve your cyber resiliency with Predatar.

With ransomware attacks expected to affect one in three businesses over the next four years, it’s important to take proactive measures to strengthen your cyber resiliency.

Of course, this resiliency can be built up by a number of things – good design and architecture are key, as is employing effective data protection practices. Maintaining these processes can prove invaluable in fighting ransomware, as it ensures your backups are always safe and recoverable. This is crucial as ransomware often lies dormant for a while before being activated. Get clear visibility of your data estate with Predatar and you’ll be able to spot this kind of threat sooner, reducing its impact on your business.

Predatar’s Ransomware Recovery Orchestration.

With our technology, you’ll be able to detect an intrusion and recover from it quickly – Predatar will soon have you operating like normal. In just a few simple steps, you’ll be able to find the earliest instance of the infection, quarantine your data, check it’s clean, and restore it back into your live environment.

Set up automatic tests.

Simplify ransomware recovery with Predatar. Make the most of intelligent automation and continuously test your backups while you go about your business. Our software will search for high-risk systems and prioritise these tests. With 24/7 automated testing, you’ll always know the recoverability rating of every node, and you’ll be instantly alerted to any problems that need your input.

Work out what’s infected.

Ok, so ransomware has seized your data. Definitely not ideal – but don’t worry, with ransomware recovery in place, you should have minimised your data loss and downtime. Now it’s time to take back control, with Predatar. Our Ransomware Recovery Orchestration workflow will automatically search through your systems to find the newest backup that shows no signs of infection.

Put your systems into quarantine.

Once the latest unaffected data has been identified, you can protect it by isolating it in a safe place, either on-premise or in the cloud. Quarantining your data with Predatar will give you an opportunity to assess your systems and triple-check everything’s as it should be.

Check all your data is clean.

Now your data is out of harm’s way, Predatar will automatically run all the necessary checks for you. It’ll scan through your backups to ensure all your data is completely clean.

Bring everything back.

Once your systems have got the all clear, you can instantly recover individual nodes, or restore everything in one go. Automatically, Predatar will put what you need back into your live environment and you’re good to go.

Achieve 100% confidence in your backups and recovery.

Gain peace of mind that when ransomware attacks your data infrastructure, you’ll be ready. With Predatar on your side, you should never need to pay a ransom, or lose your critical data. Use intelligent automation to maintain best practices and protect your business against data disasters.

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